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Our philosophy

Trust can not be bought – confidence grows

Our customers turn to us when they need to modernize their core system, the backbone of their corporate success, or address the technical deficits of their systems.

Proactively organizing and successfully coping the challenges of the generational change on IT teams often play a key role.

Our customers place precious assets in our hands. No wonder we do everything we can to meet their high expectations.


The philosophy of our company is therefore based on the following 4 pillars:


  • Intelligent Tools „Made in Germany“
    With customized tools of the highest quality we achieve a high degree of automation. This ensures optimum efficiency at minimal risk to customers worldwide.

  • High-level implementation
    We have high professional competence, traction and are in the best sense "doer". We are not only looking for solutions, but also implement this.


  • Collaborative partnerships
    From our experience, we know that 1 + 1 = 3: The combination of application and technology know-how makes our projects so successful.

  • Accountability
    Our customers trust us when it comes to the future of their critical applications. Both the owners and staff of PKS are aware of this responsibility and are personally dedicated to the success of a project.


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