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YYOP – The fundament of our projects’ success

Only the best technology is good enough for your project plan.

For more than 25 years PKS has been developing a unique fundamental technology YYOP for the analysis, interpretation, and transformation of structured languages and databases such as RPG, COBOL, Assembler or Natural and Adabas.


Based on proven standards like Eclipse and Rational software components, we create custom tools of highest quality.

YYOP offers a unique combination of the following three key characteristics:

  • YYOP is intelligent and adaptive because it is based on the latest scientific findings and methods in compiler construction. Our specialists regularly tap into their respective expert networks to gain insight into ongoing research and academic work in the field. YYOP is thus always being further developed.


  • YYOP is flexible and adaptable, because each customer's situation is different. Where it fits, we provide technology "off the shelf". Where it does not fit, we can adapt the solutions to the specific needs of each customer. Of course, always highly automated and therefore at a reasonable cost and minimal risk.
  • YYOP has been successfully deployed many times, as we have worked on the basis of YYOP since 1988 and our YYOP-based converters have been licensed to technology companies like IBM, Oracle and HP.


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