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Our portfolio for Adabas / Natural users

Take advantage of our smart three-layer approach.
We transform your systems safe and individually to a sustainable system architecture.

Databases are migrated fully automatically and transparently.

The essence of your core applications is in the data. Learn how you can switch to a relational database with SmartDCI and flexibly remodel the database schema at the same time.

You dont have to make any changes to your Natural applications!

Provide modern frontends and eliminate changes in media formats.

A text-based UI for end users incurs high costs due to the perpetual changes in media formats across the entire workflow.

Experience how you can harness eXcite for Natural to instantly create attractive web-based interfaces from Natural MAPs that suddenly let your users work up to 20% faster.

Application analysis and intelligent transformation.

Established Natural applications are complex, extensive, and often lack up-to-date documentation. This makes reengineering or code cleanups impossible.

Let nPAAS, the code analysis and visualization tool, help you clear the fog and disentangle all those complex software "knots".



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