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SmartDCI – The key to the adabas database prison

Databases are migrated fully automatically and transparently.
SmartDCI opens the door to data liberation – and users won't notice a thing.

SmartDCI reduces the strain on your IT budget

You can simply cancel your Adabas licenses and terminate your maintenance contracts.

Your database teams no longer need any specialized knowledge of Adabas.

Expensive, error-prone database replications become a thing of the past.

Intelligent logging processes automate the test phase and free up your team's resources.

SmartDCI gets your data home safely

You're harnessing a technology that has been flawlessly used by customers around the world for years.

Clever migration concepts make it possible to switch to a new database without any hassle.

Parallel operation offers you the highest level of security and flexibility during migration.


SmartDCI enhances agile software development

Mapping between the old and new database can be flexibly modeled.

New software projects can now be directly used with the new database schemata.

Everything stays the same for the Natural application.





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