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iRational (RDi) – Things are looking good for software development on IBM i

Reduce development time and motivate the new generation.
IBM RDi speeds up RPG and COBOL coding, making it more attractive to develop software on IBM i.

IBM RDi saves time and money

From day one, young developers work in a familiar development environment based on the industry standard, Eclipse.

Experienced green-screen developers are immediately 10% faster in day-to-day software development.

To summarise: you avoid recruitment costs several times over and gain capacity in your existing development team.

IBM RDi creates stability

You use the current development tool that is supported by IBM, instead of PDM, which is no longer being developed.

Your software developers can access user groups and expert support worldwide.

Recruitment worries for your software development team are a thing of the past.

IBM RDi is innovative

RDi is based on the worldwide open source standard for software development environments, the Eclipse platform.

RDi can be seamlessly and easily connected with all modern development tools.

The developer's workstation drives agile software support for your business processes.



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