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Our portfolio for Mainframe applications

Take advantage of the unique technology and project experience we have gained in over 500 man-years.
Together with PKS you can free your host from technical liabilities – smart and durable.

Code analysis: understand what makes your software is ticking

Learn how you can get a truly comprehensive analysis of your Cobol or Assembler applications with just one technology like YYOP. Only then will you really understand what makes your software ticking, you can determine the fitness of the system and make the right decisions in the long term.

And only then you will succeed to inspire the young IT professioals for a career in your company.

Code improvement: purge what's needless

With zPAAS QA you can intelligently validate your code against quality rules, and identify potential errors long before you go into production.

Or you can purge your Cobol applications of go-tos, execute code cleanups, and bring different coding styles together in your current standard.

The further development of your core systems will become at least 25% more efficient and robust.

Technology replacement: holistic migration concepts

With SmartDCI, the database gateway for Adabas, you can migrate old hierarchical database structures like Adabas or IMS DB to your current SQL standard, and save on expensive new development.

Also assembler code can nowadays be transferred with a high degree of automation in serviceable, performance Cobol syntax (AtoC).

And with our smart zNative method, generated Cobol code is restructured in a fully automated fashion.

You migrate technologies and simply take your valuable business logic along so that it becomes tangible again for the new generation of IT developers.


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