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zNative – the first replacement strategy for Cobol generators

zNative restructures generated Cobol code rule-based, and transforms it into a maintainable, performant syntax.

zNative reduces the burden on your IT budget

High maintenance fees for code generators are a thing of the past.

By using the transformation technology YYOP  you'll save up to 85% on IT costs compared to a manual conversion.

It is very straightforward for new employees to maintain restructured code with Eclipse.

zNative is available for: Telon, AppMasterBuilder, Xcobol or CA Gen (COOL:Gen)

zNative increases the agility in software development

The application layer is decoupled from the technology layer by intelligent encapsulation and automatically generated access modules.

New developments take place in your strategic development environment (RDz), offers complete comfort and makes your developers up to 15% more productive.

The restructuring rules are individually tailored to your needs and eliminate outdated syntax (eg GoTo)

zNative is a safe, resource-gentle and proven method

You only need one sophisticated and innovative technology specifically for language transformations (see YYOP).

Thanks to the tools' high quality and special coverage analyses that help identify test cases, your testing efforts will be cut by at least 50%.

A demand-driven production rollout makes BigBang changeovers unnecessary and relieves your departments.





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