Adabas / Natural migration

Get your Adabas / Natural programs ready for the future!

For many years, Adabas/Natural was an extremely productive development environment for complex corporate applications. Today programs are usually developed based on Java and relational databases (RDBMS). Yet there’s a gap between the two generations that's difficult to bridge. Using PKS technology for the modernization and migration of Adabas/Natural programs, you can build a sustainable, reliable bridge into the future.

Smooth migration from Adabas / Natural applications to relational databases (RDBMS)

Today, modern application development builds on the SQL standard for relational databases. This is why making company data accessible in a relational database is the heart of every sustainable future strategy.

Adabas/Natural programs do not have to rewritten to achieve this. The PKS SmartDCI technology makes it possible to smoothly migrate the databases critical for your company, without having to make any changes to the application. Your programs can therefore be migrated step by step to relational databases, and SmartDCI supports both DB2 and Oracle. Integrated test procedures and temporary parallel operation after migration ensure maximum security. Many notable companies and organizations have already successfully gone this route.


  • Adabas databases are smoothly replaced by relational databases
  • Adabas data are accessible in SQL standard
  • No changes to user programs necessary
  • High degree of security and efficiency
  • Significant savings to licensing costs

After migrating all databases, Adabas is no longer needed for your productive data. This can lead to enormous savings in Adabas licensing and maintenance. Detailed information on SmartDCI can be found in the white paper and customer references.

Co-existence of Natural and Java in application development

In many companies, a change of generation is on the way in application development. New things are developed in Java and Natural developers are becoming more and more rare. Java development is based on the SQL standard.

Java development based on Adabas would have heavy limitations and is therefore only done in exceptional cases. It makes more sense to cleanly transfer the data to a relational database and base development on that.

And with SmartDCI, this is possible. For the migration of Adabas from a relational database, the Adabas data model is sensibly transformed to a relational model and the data are cleaned accordingly upon transfer. Any Adabas data needed for new Java development or modern reporting can thus be sustainably migrated to a relational database. A solid basis for the implementation of new functions and processes is thus created.


  • Co-existence of available Natural applications with new Java programs via shared relational database
  • Avoidance of complicated replication and integration issues
  • Uniform, consolidated database with SQL standard and cleaned data model
  • Smooth, secure switch to the Java world is made possible
  • High degree of efficiency

Detailed information on SmartDCI can be found in the white paper and customer references. To speed up the transition from Natural to Java and save a large amount of development costs, PKS created the SmartNAT Workbench. It allows you to generate new Java code from existing, rule-based Natural programs. These rules are defined together with our customers to achieve an optimal result. Enquire with us!

Modern, Web 2.0-based user interfaces for Natural programs

Users often perceive Natural applications as archaic because they are usually based on classic green screens. So there is a lot of pressure to replace functionally strong applications. Yet this doesn’t have to be!

The user interfaces of Natural applications can be considerably improved with the Web 2.0 technology – no new development necessary. SmartMAP technology from PKS makes it possible. Existing Natural maps are transferred to a modern Web 2.0 interface according to jointly agreed rules. This works in a very cost-effective manner, as hardly any changes have to be made to the application. Over 800 customer sites already profit from this technology – and their Natural apps look like new.


  • Natural applications get a modern, Web 2.0 interface
  • Hardly any change to user programs needed
  • Integration of new Web 2.0 functionality is possible (e.g. Google Maps)
  • Fast implementation is possible with minimal human resources
  • High degree of efficiency and acceptance

After migrating the user interface, user acceptance increases and the pressure to replace the application rapidly declines. The foundation was built for the integration of new, modern Web 2.0 functionality. Read our customer testimonial from Apollo!

Modernizing VSAM and IMS databases

Aside from Adabas, VSAM and IMS database systems are also outdated for some users. Legacy modernization projects often involve migrating data to a relational DB2 on z/OS or DB2 UDB with all the advantages of relational data management and its modern access and analysis options.
Backed by our extensive know-how in migrating from hierarchical to relational RDBMS systems, we’d love to help you modernize your source systems. Based on your individual situation and the evaluation of a competent analysis, we'll determine whether a gateway solution is advisable, or a migration of the access layer. We’ll also compile initial experiences in pilot projects that we're happy to share with you.

How we proceed:

  • We analyze your application.
  • We draw up a rough concept including an initial cost estimate. This takes 1–2 weeks.
  • We create a prototype from one small part of the application and check the security of the procedure (proof of concept). This takes 2–4 weeks.
  • We migrate your application step by step – and you’re involved in the process all the way. This takes 3–9 months.

In short: clear-cut, smaller-sized and secure stages instead of a big bang!


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