The Cobol Survival Team for IBM i

Cobol developers on IBM i are a rare asset !?

Even though Cobol is nowhere near as widespread on the IBM i as the RPG programming language, the applications developed in Cobol are no less valuable for the respective companies. But developers with Cobol know-how on IBM i are hard to find, and so valuable software assets are often shut down out of sheer lack of personnel. For companies, this is an expensive and risky undertaking with a frequently unknown outcome.

Don't just throw your valuable Cobol assets overboard!

20 percent of all
new developments on
IBM i are Cobol

Worldwide, about 80 percent of all card-based transactions are based on code written in Cobol
Cobol is an extremely efficient programming language and stably anchored in the software market

Even when making new applications, the Cobol code must be mastered

A selection of our customers:


PKS has set itself the goal of providing a powerful team especially for companies with Cobol applications on IBM i. We support medium-sized companies on their way into the future, without dogmatic prejudices and with extensive and up-to-date knowledge.

In our locations Eschborn near Frankfurt and Ravensburg on Lake Constance you will meet experienced specialists with concentrated know-how on modern programming methods, IBM i features and expertise especially in the banking and logistics environment..

Stephan Urban

At the Frankfurt location, he is responsible for software assessments and project management with a focus on IBM i.

Main focus in the COBOL Survival Team is application modernization and connection of modern interfaces.

  • Intrepid COBOL developer with over 20 years of experience
  • Specialist for payment transactions (SWIFT, SEPA, Target2, etc. )
  • IT project manager
  • Modernization of outdated applications

Andreas Bott

Andreas Bott completes the COBOL Survival Team as a trainer and experienced developer at the Ravensburg location. He is always technically up to date and likes to share his know how.

  • Notorious Cobol trainer and RDi advocate
  • Expert for the ILE concept
  • Technically always up to date

Terence Page

In the COBOL Survival Team at the Frankfurt location, he supports our customers in several projects with the maintenance, further development and modernization of their COBOL applications. As a native Englishman, he enriches the projects with his British sense of humor and has diverse industry knowledge, including insurance, industry, wholesale and IT services.

  • COBOL developer with experience in IBM environment since 1985
  • Specialist for SQL/embedded-SQL in COBOL
  • Conversion from DDS to DDL
  • Web Services with COBOL

The advantages for you and your company through our Cobol experts

You remain capable of acting and avoid bad investments due to risky replacement projects
You benefit from German-speaking experts with extensive specialist knowledge

You eliminate risk by retiring internal experts

Thanks to intelligent tools you get permanently documented source code

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