iOpen - the sustainable modernization strategy

The key to the future of your in-house developed IBM i (AS/400) applications is the next generation. As long as enough capable and motivated developers and users enrich your team, your entire business will survive.

But for several years now, the situation on the personnel market has been coming to a head. You need to be both efficient and attractive, both internally and externally. Lean processes reduce the need for personnel in the IT and business departments. Common technologies and an appearance that makes it easier to work (in) increase the motivation to decide to work in YOUR company and to stay with it.

Companies that don't take action face the threat of replacement, outsourcing, loss of control.

Take action now and create an environment that leverages and enhances all the possibilities of your business for both applicants and existing colleagues.

"UI/UX itself is not a strategy. It is part of an overall strategy that must be set by means of an as-is analysis and in exchange with experts. Our projects always start with an assessment that determines the state and maturity level of an application, uncovers its potential and thus lays the foundation for your implementation roadmap."

Ann-Kathrin Stückl
UI/UX Consultant
PKS Software GmbH