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High usability applications on IBM i give you the perfect user experience.

Every day, thousands of users work with modern UIs based on IBM i systems. How do we know that? Because we made them.


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iOpen – the holistic UI/UX concept


Sustainable modernization for individual applications

Solve your generational transition issues using smart applications and interfaces. iOpen combines an assessment, tools and implementation set-up, allowing you to find the ideal modernization strategy for your business.

For IBM i modernization to succeed, it requires a holistic view in several dimensions. With iOpen, we work with you to illuminate all aspects that enable a future-oriented and holistic improvement of your IBM i application and your personnel situation.


This is how successful IBM i modernization with PKS is composed:


1. module
Identify potentials with a UI/UX Assessment

As part of a compact assessment with our software experts, we examine the potential and pain points of your IBM i applications: We identify the UI/UX maturity level of the workflows and frontends as well as the technological fitness in the backend. In the process, it is important for us to take a neutral and unbiased view: We do not only take care of the failures of the past, but also help you to conduct an honest analysis of the status quo, which shows you the value of the applications, but also brings their potential to light. This provides you with the necessary clear view with which you can tackle and solve your problems.


2. module
Selecting the right tools through expert advice

We are happy to advise you on the appropriate technologies and tools for your modernization path. We will present state-of-the-art tools such as eXcite, Valence or eXplain to you in detail and work with you and your experts to determine where you can gain the greatest added value in terms of attracting new employees in IT and in the business.


3. module
Providing capacities and know-how for implementation

We also support you in the implementation of your roadmap - according to your needs and the priorities you have set. With us, you have access to experienced back-end and front-end developers as well as UI/UX design and usability experts. In this way, you can enrich your team and ensure that you move forward as quickly as possible. We support you flexibly on a permanent basis or only initially.


Clarity and control through expert opinion in the assessment and dashboards in the future.

Clear goals and results thanks to structured and targeted assessment.

Open to everything and everyone. Open up not only technologically but also in terms of personnel.

Intuitive use, fun development. This is how IBM i works today.

Our proven procedure in 4 steps:


More about our tools and methods in the UIUX area:


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  • Automatic transfer of all your 5250 interfaces.
  • Functional enhancement
  • Visual upgrade
  • Improved usability



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  • Where is the real leverage in your processes and user workflows?
  • Maturity level in terms of UI/UX
  • Contemporary options and requirements
  • Using the tools to achieve quick wins in your backlog


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"UI/UX itself is not a strategy. It is part of an overall strategy that must be set by means of an as-is analysis and in exchange with experts. Our projects always start with an assessment that determines the state and maturity level of an application, uncovers its potential and thus lays the foundation for your implementation roadmap."

Ann-Kathrin Stückl
UI/UX Consultant
PKS Software GmbH



We provide support where you need it, whether you want us to provide a few days of coding or completely take over your core system.


It’s now easier for us to integrate with standard components from the logistics sector, for example with trucking software. That works thanks to the use of other technologies in the Infokette environment.

Kerstin Corvers Managing DirectorTFG Transfracht
Laughing woman with children sitting in the grass

PKS has proven to be a great partner for supporting and developing our IBM i applications, on both the technical and the human side. They have the necessary tools to go deep into complex applications in a short time, plus a skilled team who know how to use them.

Peter Schwarzenbach Head of IT and TechnologySchweizer Reisekasse – Reka

We were on the same wavelength as PKS immediately thanks to their ability to act quickly. That meant the modernization of our application fitted perfectly into our concept. Just like Hoegner, PKS works innovatively with an appreciation of the value of existing systems. In our continued collaboration, PKS is not only an extension of our workbench, but also a skilled partner.

Michael Heindl Managing DirectorHoegner Comp. GmbH & Co. KG

Together with PKS we were looking for a way to modernize the interfaces on Power i that would also work for our younger colleagues. And we found it! Valence has allowed us to take the first important step towards modernizing our UI. The tools that come with it, such as Nitro App Builder and Sencha Architect, also enable our team to create apps themselves. PKS gave us straightforward, expert help as we built up our expertise during the introductory phase. Now we’re looking forward to continuing to work together with new concepts and a technical deep dive.

Hans-Werner Sollorz Head of ITMarburger Tapetenfabrik

After the product presentation, our customers were so impressed that they immediately switched to the new user interface. The more modern look and the additional user functions via eXcite are huge added value, leading our customer to express a clear wish to switch the whole ERP system over as soon as possible.

Wolfgang Ziegelbauer WZGChairman

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