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Founded in 1991, PKS offers services for business-critical custom software, especially on IBM Power i (AS/400) and IBM Z (mainframe), which have played a pivotal role in the success of many companies. But now there are key decisions to be made, due to generational transition, cloud transformation and other business needs. And that’s exactly where PKS can help.

Regardless of whether your systems need modernizing or replacing – or even if that’s just the decision you need to make – work with us, and you’ll find the best approach to take. We’ll help you make it happen, with clear communications and a can-do attitude.

We’ve been solving the trickiest legacy problems for notable companies around the world for over 30 years.

Overview of our services portfolio:



Software analysis

Without maximum transparency in your existing system, you can’t embark on your journey to make it fit for the future, or even decide where you want to go with it. That’s why we work with a specialized tool, eXplain, that digs deep into your legacy code to structure and assess it. You can then be certain that you’re making the right decision and reaching your goal.

Application development

We are an extension of your workbench, your development partner. If required, we can also take overall responsibility for the continued development and modernization of your core systems until they are replaced. We’ll make sure you’re ready for action – wherever your journey takes you.





The front end of a core system plays a key role in ensuring straightforward usability for end users. Our specialized team of UI/UX consultants, web developers and low-code experts convert 5250 applications into cutting-edge user interfaces and optimized workflows in the blink of an eye.




Technology transformation

Whether you want to make your DevOps processes and development tools fit for the future or structure generated source code in a readable manner, we pull your developers out of their comfort zone and accelerate development. And if you’re having doubts about your current platform for financial reasons, we’ll help you find workable solutions or implement alternatives.


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Get to know us and find out how we work as a company, which innovations we’re working on and why we’re so keen on individuality.

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Your career at PKSSoftware transformation is currently a hot topic, but we've been working in this field for over 30 years now. Today we’re a market leader and trendsetter in many areas. At PKS you’ll find an open and innovative team waiting for your talent and potential.

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