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Modernisation consulting

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Since 1971, the high-speed hierarchical database Adabas and the 4GL development environment Natural have been combined to develop high-quality core systems for regional banks, insurance companies and car manufacturers. The systems are complex, making the generational transition in developer teams a real challenge. Many users are a little too quick to opt for migration or replacement and find themselves faced with disaster: performance problems, projects that run for years, target code that can't be maintained.

That doesn't have to be the case! We advise you based on our expertise from over 20 years of experience in the clever and sustainable modernisation of Adabas/Natural applications.

What can it be used for?

Benefit and risk analyses

Validation of intended modernisation measures, also using prototyping

Support in selecting suitable modernisation tools

Which methods and tools are used?
  • Best-practice experience
  • eXplain
  • Adarep analyses
  • Prototyping

2nd opinion and strategy consulting

Are you on the right path?

When operating complex application landscapes on the mainframe, you repeatedly have to consider which modernisation or migration steps are the right ones. However, it's often hard to see the wood for the trees.

PKS’ analysis and transformation experts act as a sounding board for your plans, backing up your decisions so that you don’t find yourself in a dead-end. We provide objective second opinions and check your concepts and measures.

What is it used for?

Concept checking for software modernisation and migration

Validation of existing project assignments in terms of their value for the company

Checking the success of modernisation measures that are already in place

Support for proofs of concept and pilot projects

Creation of decision-making metrics for selecting products or solutions from various manufacturers

Which tools and methods are used?

  • eXplain
  • SWOT analyses
  • Benchmarking
  • Clean. Software. Development®

Switch to Eclipse for Natural

Agile software development.

The classic Natural development environment impedes the generational transition in the developer team and the use of agile methods. And sooner or later that means the end of valuable Natural systems. But that doesn't have to be the case!

PKS supports you in switching to modern tools and methods for developing software for Natural. We analyse your current processes and tool landscapes, create a target concept and ensure a smooth switch. We help you smooth the way to the future of agile software development for your Natural applications.

What is it suitable for?

Introduction to and training in NaturalONE

Concept design and implementation of Eclipse plugins for the integration or replacement of existing tools

Analysis and improvement of development processes

What is supported?

  • Training on the job
  • Plugin development
  • Process consulting


Save platform costs.

Some Adabas/Natural customers want to transfer their application from the host to Linux in order to save platform costs. But this switch involves risks such as the EBCDIC-ASCII conversion or the loss of JCL and schedulers.

So that you know whether rehosting will really give you the hoped-for advantages and whether the transfer will really go smoothly, we offer expert consulting and tool support when rehosting your Adabas/Natural applications.

What is it suitable for?

Analyses of rehosting projects

Supporting rehosting by implementing a pilot

Rehosting Adabas and Natural to Linux, Unix or Windows
Fully automated JCL migration

What is supported?

  • Adabas
  • Natural
  • Cobol
  • Assembler
  • PL/I
  • JCL

The eclipse-based tool for analysing Natural. Reliable and powerful.

Over many years, Natural applications have been enhanced and further developed by various generations of developers. That can often make it difficult to understand dependencies and relationships. New developers feel overwhelmed and might quickly come to the conclusion that a language migration or even a new development is absolutely essential. But such transformations involve immense risks! Fortunately we have eXplain. You can use it to move around freely in mature Natural code, thanks to well-developed language parsers for Natural and all other mainframe languages, innovative visualisation engines and special code quality metrics. A unique highlight is the integrated clustering functionality that allows you to structure code into units, not only in a technical sense, but also in terms of functions.

eXplain is available as an Eclipse plugin and can therefore be integrated seamlessly into your Natural development environment, for example NaturalONE.

What is it used for?

Gain understanding and an overview of mature Natural applications at the touch of a button

Become familiar with unknown code up to 50% faster

Avoid programming errors and increase code quality

Plan re-engineering and repositioning projects efficiently and implement them without error

Which programming languages are supported?

  • Natural
  • Cobol
  • PL/I
  • Assembler

In addition, eXplain offers the option of importing further artefacts, for example from CICS, IMS, schedulers, XINFO, Db2 or Adabas and making them available in all analyses.

We'd be glad to arrange an individual taster day and show you eXplain live!

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