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The well-founded training programme for IBM i software developers.

Young and new employees should and would like to learn about the necessary tools as quickly as possible, so that they can develop productively on IBM i. Yet experienced colleagues often lack the time to train and instruct junior employees themselves. To ensure a successful start, it’s well worth calling on a partner to provide training support.

At the iCademy, expert trainers teach participants in small groups to become IBM i software developers.


Who is it suitable for?

Trainees, students and lateral entrants who want to learn RPG programming from the beginning

Companies who want to master the generational transition as well as possible

What is included?

  • 6 training modules
  • Intensive exercises and homework
  • Weekly webinars for questions and more depth
  • All food and refreshments

Training for beginners and those with experience

Individual. Compact. High-value.

Regular development of one's own skills is a basic requirement for good developer performance in line with the current state of the art. To obtain best results, training courses should always be adjusted individually to the participants’ level. Decide for yourself which training content should be taught in which form, and whether the courses should take place in Ravensburg or on site at your premises.


Who and what is it suitable for?

Software developers who want to gain expert knowledge in particular areas

Employee development and fostering of potential talent

Increasing agility in application development through optimum use of development tools and methods

Which topics are covered?

  • Development tools (RDi, RTC, Subversion, Git)
  • Programming languages (full-free RPG, ILE RPG, COBOL, CL, C, C++, SQL, ESQL, Java)
  • Architecture concepts (ILE, MVC, web services, XML)
  • User interface technologies and concepts (HTML5, JavaScript, ExtJS, user experience, operating concepts)
  • Databases (relational database concepts, DDS, DDL, OA Handler)

Application development and programming

Strengthen your team. Create space. Achieve goals.

If project requirements demand more development work, IBM i teams begin to reach the limits of their performance. And they often lack the capacity to use unfamiliar technologies in addition to existing daily tasks.

Support from PKS’ IBM i developers quickly resolves the issue. Our expert and experienced application developers are used to familiarising themselves quickly with mature source code. Of course we use eXplain (see below).

Who and what is it suitable for?

Access to flexible developer resources when workloads are heavy

If required, sparring partners for quality assurance when setting up new projects

For bringing in experienced initiators when implementing new technology or modernising your existing system

Which topics are covered?

  • RPG IV, ILE RPG, Full Free RPG, Cobol, CL, C/C++, SQL/ESQL, Java
  • Db2, DDS, DDL, OA Handler
  • PDM, RDi, RTC, Subversion, git, Testing, Confluence, Jira
  • ILE, MVC, web services, XML
  • HTML, JavaScript, Ext JS, user-centred design
We keep up with the further development of the IBM i platform: We test, appraise and use the newest features that IBM provides in its technology refreshes, and pass on our experience to you. If you need support in an area not mentioned here, feel free to ask us about it.

Application management.

Reliable. Competent. Flexible.

If you’ve decided to hand over the daily operation and further development of IBM i core applications to an external partner, then you're in the right hands with PKS!

Securely, reliably and with the highest level of expertise, we look after complex and critical applications, continuing their development proactively and sustainably. We tailor our services specifically to your requirements and can adjust them to fit your situation over the entire contract period.

Who and what is it suitable for?

Long-term transfer of software maintenance and further development to a reliable and experienced partner in Germany

Taking on the further development of core applications in the case of an up-coming system switch, e.g. to SAP

Necessity of step-by-step dismantling of a core application and intensive interface support

Creating space for the further development of your own staff

Designing concepts for solutions and software architectures that keep up with the times while fulfilling your requirements for sustainability and efficiency

Which tasks are taken on?

  • Ticket processing (2nd and 3rd level)
  • Creation of specifications and requirements as well as detailed concepts for software implementations
  • Project management and supervision as well as management of incidents, changes, events, requests

Cobol developers on
IBM i are a rare asset !?

Even though Cobol is nowhere near as widespread on the IBM i as the RPG programming language, the applications developed in Cobol are no less valuable for the respective companies. But developers with Cobol know-how on IBM i are hard to find, and so valuable software assets are often shut down out of sheer lack of personnel. For companies, this is an expensive and risky undertaking with a frequently unknown outcome.


The tool for code analysis and software re-engineering.

Mature systems are often unwieldy, complex and lacking in structure. With eXplain you can negotiate this “terrain” easily. It uses well-developed parsers for all classic programming languages, innovative and optimised visualisation engines and special code-quality metrics. A unique highlight is the integrated clustering functionality that allows you to structure the code into units, not only in a technical sense, but also in terms of functions.

eXplain is available based on Eclipse and can therefore be integrated seamlessly into your IBM i development environment, the Rational Developer for IBM i (RDi).

What is it used for?

Gain understanding and an overview of mature source-code monoliths at the touch of a button

Become familiar with unknown code up to 50% faster

Avoid programming errors

Increase code quality

Which programming languages are supported?

  • Cobol
  • RPG III, IV, Free
  • CL
  • SQL
We'd be glad to arrange an individual taster day and show you eXplain live!

The development and run-time environment for modern applications on IBM i. Innovative and unique.

When you want to programme user interfaces that are user-orientated and efficient, applications with 5250 green screens soon reach their limits. 
With Valence, the innovative framework for IBM i, you simply create new modern applications! At the same time you benefit from full access to your existing back-end RPG programmes and clearly defined front-end interfaces. Valence runs natively on IBM i, using ILE RPG and the integrated Apache web server – so there’s no need for an external server.

As a developer you can choose one of three methods that best matches your skills and experience:

  • Use Nitro Query or Autocode for easy development of small apps with a consistent look and feel. You can use it to create query apps with diagrams, lists, forms, maps and other components quickly and with no programming effort. Ideal for RPG developers who are just entering the world of the web!
  • Choose Sencha Architect for the user interface and RPG for the server side, if you already have some experience in web development.
  • Bring your 5250 to the web with just a few clicks thanks to the included Fusion5250 feature.
  • You’ve been programming using web technology for some time? Then simply develop your front ends natively in Ext JS and connect the RPG back end.

Whichever method you choose, the Valence Toolset takes care of all IBM i specifics, such as security, authorisation and server connection.

What and who can it be used for?

Development of modern, DDS-free web applications which work on the newest desktop browsers and via the Valance Portal app

For all developers who want to connect cutting-edge web app development with the strengths of IBM i as a server platform

Ideal for mixed developer teams with RPG skills and web knowledge

Which programming languages are supported?

  • RPG
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Sencha
We provide this solution in cooperation with our partner CNX
We'd be glad to arrange an individual taster day and give a live demonstration of what you can do with Valence!

Der „Missing Link“ zwischen Web und 5250. Genial und KEIN Screenscraper.

5250-Frontends sind heute noch oft im Einsatz. Sie müssen aber mehr und mehr mit Web-basierten Oberflächen zusammenspielen. Diese Aufgabe stellt viele Entwickler vor eine echte Herausforderung: will man den Medienbruch für die Anwender vermeiden und ein durchgängiges Look & Feel anbieten, stellt sich die Frage, wie sich die heutigen 5250-Screens in Web- oder Windows-Oberflächen überführen und mit nativen Webanwendungen integrieren lassen.

Genau das leistest eXcite!

eXcite ist kein Screenscaper, sondern ermöglicht über ein vollautomatisches Precompiling der Sourcen  die Übersetzung von 5250 nach HTML. Das neue Frontend wird über ein komfortables und mächtiges Regelwerk schnell und modern konfiguriert. Außerdem ermöglichen umfangreiche Java-Script-Libraries die durchgängige Integration über Anwendungs- und Plattformgrenzen hinweg.

Für was ist es einzusetzen?

Automatisierte Überführung von 5250-Anwendungen in Desktop oder Browser Apps

Nahtlose Integration zwischen IBM i und Java- oder Web-Anwendungen

Für traditionelle IBM i Entwickler ein idealer Einstieg in die Web-Entwicklung – minimale Lernkurve von wenigen Tagen!

Ermöglicht die Wiederverwendung vorhandener Businessfunktionalität der IBM i durch Java- oder .NET-Anwendungen


Für diese Programmiersprachen ist eXcite verfügbar:

  • RPG III, IV, ILE und free
  • DDS
  • HTML, CSS und Java Script
  • .NET, C#

Interesse geweckt? Dann holen Sie sich die Live-Demos.


The missing link between web and 5250. Ingenious and NOT a screenscraper.

5250 front ends are often still used yet now need to work together with web-based interfaces. This task is a real challenge for many developers: If you want to avoid changing media and to keep a consistent look and feel, how do you turn 5250 screens into web or Windows interfaces and integrate them with native web applications?

That's exactly what eXcite does!

eXcite is not a screenscraper. Instead, it precompiles the sources fully automatically in order to translate 5250 to HTML. The new front end is quickly configured using a convenient and powerful set of rules. What's more, comprehensive Java Script libraries enable consistent integration beyond application and platform boundaries.

What and who can it be used for?

Automated transformation of 5250 applications into desktop or browser apps

Seamless integration between IBM i and Java or web applications

Ideal introduction to web development for traditional IBM i developers – minimal time investment of just a few days

Enables Java or .NET applications to reuse existing IBM i business functionality

These programming languages are supported by eXcite:

  • RPG III, IV, ILE und Free RPG
  • DDS
  • HTML, CSS und Java Script
  • .NET, C#

User-centred design

Good usability with design.

Users want and need simple user interfaces – including on IBM i. That might sound easy, but it's actually quite a challenge, because 
the easer the user interface, the more complex its implementation. The user-centred design (UCD) methodology allows you to place users and their requirements at the forefront of the concepts, design and programming of new user interfaces. It's well worth integrating UCD into your development process permanently.

What is it used for?

For applications with a high degree of usability and a good user experience

Moving from green screens to simple and easy-to-operate user interfaces > consolidation of 50-70% compared to 5250!

Huge savings in development time and costs

Process optimisation and increased efficiency by leveraging potential in user guidance


Which steps are supported?

  • Define target groups and personas
  • Observe users and discover potential
  • Extrapolate use cases (business processes)
  • Create user stories and process flows
  • Develop user interface concepts in the form of wireframes
We provide this solution in cooperation
with our partner Ergowerk

Some of our IBM i customers

We’ve been able to show what we can do in various scenarios.
Asia Bank

Some of our IBM i customers

We’ve been able to show what we can do in various scenarios.

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