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The COBOL Survival Team for IBM i (AS/400)

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COBOL developers on IBM i (AS400) – a rare phenomenon?

Even though COBOL on IBM i (AS400) is not nearly as common as the programming language RPG, applications developed in COBOL are no less valuable to your company. But it’s hard to find developers with knowledge of COBOL for IBM i (AS400), and so valuable software assets are often decommissioned simply due to a lack of staff. That’s an expensive and risky undertaking for your company, often with unknown consequences.

Don’t simply throw your valuable COBOL assets overboard!

20% of all new developments on IBM i are COBOL.

About 80% of all card-based transactions worldwide are based on code written in COBOL.

COBOL is an extremely efficient programming language and is a mainstay of the software market.

Even when switching to new applications, you need to understand COBOL code.

Some of our customers:

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PKS’s goal is to put together an effective team especially for companies with COBOL applications on IBM i. We support SMEs on their journey into the future, with extensive up-to-date knowledge and without dogmatic judgements.

At our offices in Eschborn near Frankfurt and Ravensburg on Lake Constance, you’ll find experienced specialists with a wealth of knowledge about cutting-edge programming methods and IBM i features, plus particular expertise in banking and logistics.


Stephan Urban

Based at our Frankfurt office, Stephan is responsible for conducting software assessments and for project management with an emphasis on IBM i (AS/400). His main focus in the COBOL Survival Team is on modernizing applications and connecting cutting-edge interfaces.

  • Intrepid COBOL developer with over 20 years of experience
  • Payment transaction specialist (SWIFT, SEPA, Target2, etc.)
  • IT project manager 
  • Modernization of applications that are past their prime


Stephan Urban
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Andreas Bott

Andreas complements the COBOL Survival Team as a trainer and experienced developer based at our Ravensburg office. He is always up to speed with the latest technology and is happy to share his knowledge.

  • Well-known COBOL trainer and RDi advocate
  • Expert on the ILE concept
  • Always up to date with the latest technology


Andreas Bott
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Terence Page

As part of the COBOL Survival Team at our Frankfurt office, Terence supports our customers in several projects, helping them maintain, develop and modernize their COBOL applications. Born in the UK, he brightens projects with his British humour and has a broad spectrum of sector knowledge, including the insurance and service sectors, industry and wholesale.

  • COBOL developer with experience in the IBM environment since 1985
  • Specialist in SQL/embedded SQL in COBOL
  • Switch from DDS to DDL
  • Web services with COBOL


Terence Page
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Niklas Barth

Niklas is the youngest member of our COBOL survival team. He discovered a liking for COBOL on IBM i back when he was training to be an IT specialist. After completing his training, he supported a large ERP application that was developed in COBOL. But Niklas also has experience of contemporary programming languages (C#) and technologies, and he uses his knowledge to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

  • Enthusiastic COBOL developer
  • Experience with Microsoft technology and programming languages
  •  ERP specialist
  • Web services with COBOL


Katja Siefert
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The benefits our COBOL experts offer you and your company:

You remain able to perform at your best and avoid bad investments due to risky replacement projects.

You are supported by German-speaking experts with extensive technical knowledge.

You eliminate the risk that arises when internal experts retire.

You receive continually documented source code thanks to smart tools.

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Integrating and deploying web services in the IBM i environment posed great challenges for our team of COBOL developers. We found a skilled partner in PKS, and collaborating with them has enabled us to complete the integration quickly. We’re delighted with the professionalism and the solutions provided. Peter Richartz

Peter Richartz Head of Application Development Life Insurance/Health InsuranceNÜRNBERGER Versicherung

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