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Technology transformation

We transfer old development environments and legacy source code to make them fit for the future.

Beat the generational transition by successfully changing the platform and language with tools and expertise.

We’ve been helping companies develop valuable business logic in future-ready environments since 1991:

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Benefit from our tried-and-tested process model:

Enterprise DevOps

Replace older IDEs with state-of-the-art tools. Receive support during change processes.


Transfer mainframe and Adabas/Natural applications to Linux or the cloud.
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Fully automated code re-engineering so you can keep developing effectively in a native environment.
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Better today than tomorrow.

  • Changing your legacy systems takes too long and will hinder your company’s development.
  • Dwindling knowledge and insufficient documentation put the future of your system at risk.
  • The technology stacks you’ve used up to now are expiring, have been decommissioned by the manufacturer or cause huge maintenance costs.


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Our proven four-step procedure:

  1. Pre-analysis and proof of concept
  2. Detailed concept
  3. Implementation and optimization
  4. Coaching and support


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Manufacturer-independent consulting and efficient implementation.

Are you unsure about which path is the right one for your legacy environment? We are not tied to any manufacturer and can therefore provide completely impartial advice. The result is a well-founded transformation strategy, precisely tailored to your goals and conditions, based on our experience of many hundreds of projects.

And even better: we don’t just come up with clever solutions; we also implement them with and for you. From production – into production.


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eXplain – Train the Boss: your way out of the legacy dilemma.

When you’re making decisions about modernizing, transforming or replacing critical core systems, gut instinct and a smattering of knowledge can be dangerous accomplices. As a decision-maker you have to know what you’re doing because in the end, the success or failure of a project has a significant influence on your career.
Our compact Train the Boss training boosts your decision-making skills, teaches you how to communicate effectively and respectfully with your experts, and helps you identify risks and pitfalls before it’s too late.

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With its many years of experience and automated procedures for re-hosting Adabas and Natural, PKS is the perfect partner for our JCL re-hosting.

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Free initial consultation:

An experienced legacy transformation expert will spend a full hour with you. You describe your current situation, the conditions and the goal you want to achieve in a telephone call. At the end of the conversation you will have a good idea of which measures could be used for legacy transformation in your company.

Seize this opportunity and benefit from valuable input to make your transformation process especially secure and efficient – whether or not you take the next steps with us.