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CA-Telon dismissal


Is CA-TELON dead?

Mainframe applications developed with CA-TELON are the basis of business success in many companies. They have been running stably and with high performance for decades and are generated according to COBOL or PL/1.

However, due to the rapidly declining relevance of code generators, the maintenance costs for CA-TELON on the part of the manufacturer will tend to increase further and new employees with the necessary SKILL

CA-TELON users are now facing great dangers - the valuable core applications must be saved and want to be converted into maintainable, native code.

Doing nothing is not an option. Because your COBOL & PL/1 generated applications shall live on!



What ist CA-Telon?

With the proven CA-TELON migration procedure of PKS, you can convert your source code into maintainable COBOL 100% automatically.

Automated code conversion enables minimal project lead times.

Proven tooling and experience based on reference projects.

Friendly and well-rehearsed team with national and international experience.

Lifts your existing application to modern syntax and clears the way for the future.


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