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We are a seasoned team of over 65 transformation experts with a passion for business-critical software systems.

Our staff includes programming experts, architects, web developers and project managers. We’ve been planning innovative, low-risk and future-ready software transformations since 1991 – and implementing them for our customers.










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Cafeteria in the Ravensburg office


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Schreibtisch mit zwei Monitore und Bild an der Wand


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We live and breathe legacy transformation. Our skills and implementation expertise will help you identify your technical debt and take targeted steps to reduce it, ensuring there are fewer worries tomorrow.

We deliver innovative solutions, emphasize working together as partners and take responsibility for ambitious projects.

Achieve clarity.

Shape the future.

More than 30 years

We’ve been a successful business since 1991 and share our comprehensive experience with customers worldwide.

From 18 to 65

At PKS, multiple generations interact with mutual respect on a daily basis. We believe that we can all learn from each other.

Local roots with a global perspective

We have a deep-rooted connection with our local region and yet are active around the world. Our clients include international corporations, SMEs and hidden champions.

The human factor

We love using technology, and we know that challenging projects are only successful when you put people at the forefront.


We are part of the TIMETOACT GROUP.


TIMETOACT GROUP modernises and integrates IT applications for upper midmarket companies, fortune 500 enterprises and the public sector, with the goal of increasing their agility, efficiency, and transparency and to reduce costs and risks. In addition, TIMETOACT GROUP designs and implements digital business models, opening up new market opportunities for its innovative customers.

Its services include consulting and cloud transformation as well as data, software and system engineering in the fields of employee experience, business applications, and customer experience.

TIMETOACT GROUP combines its own expertise with that of its partners and leading manufacturers to develop customised solutions for its customers, including software selection, consulting and licensing.

TIMETOACT GROUP comprises the IT brands ARS, brainbits, catworkx, CLOUDPILOTS, IPG, novaCapta, PKS, synaigy, TIMETOACT, Walldorf Consulting and X-INTEGRATE. Together, we employ 1300 people in 22 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also have service hubs in Singapore, Malaysia, Latvia and Ukraine as well as a sales hub in the USA.

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With its many years of experience and automated procedures for re-hosting Adabas and Natural, PKS is the perfect partner for our JCL re-hosting.

Philipp Löffler Software AG

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Voluntary commitment of Managing Director Heidi Schmidt to the MINT mentoring program at the DHBW RV technology campus to support female students in technical courses of study.


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