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IBM i (AS400) Software Assessment with PKS

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Do you really know the condition, value and future viability of your core systems?

Or are your statements and evaluations based more on gut feeling, personal assessments or even "hearsay"?

The software assessment with PKS brings clarity and makes transparent what is really in your existing systems: Value and unvalue are ruthlessly brought to light and are viewed without prejudice with a view to the here and now. Take advantage of this opportunity and create a valid basis for fact-oriented decisions about the continuation or replacement of your core systems.

In doing so, a neutral and value-free view is important to us: We do not care about the failures of the past, but help you to get an honest inventory analysis, which shows you the value of the applications, but also brings their potentials to light. This provides you with the necessary transparency regarding the possibilities and requirements so that you can get your personnel problem solved.

Differentiated view saves time & money

By using the eXplain analysis tool, you obtain a valid inventory measurement of your system in the shortest possible time. You benefit from differentiated decisions and make effective implementation possible.

Proven procedure brings security & clarity

PKS has already examined many hundreds of legacy applications. The assessment gives you direct access to this wealth of experience. This gives you maximum security and allows you to make decisions taking into account the relevant risks.

Integrates the experience of your experts

We know the value and importance of what your employees have achieved over the past decades. That's why we involve them closely in the assessment, attach importance to their assessment and work together with your team at eye level.

Make your team and the entire company "fit for future

You understand the importance of in-house development and can strategically decide how much individuality and how much standardization you will need in the future to position yourself uniquely and future-proof in your industry.

The pressing questions are:

How do I recognize the real value, as well as the unvalue, in my legacy systems?

How do I make resilient decisions between replacement and renewal?

How do I integrate my team into the process of evaluation and decision making?

without having to pay for overpriced consulting hours without any real added value?
without having to do without the wealth of experience of the existing team?

Penetrating the current state with the Legacy Software Assessment

With the code analysis and re-engineering tool eXplain, grown software systems can be easily visualized interactively and consistently redocumented. This makes business processes and company procedures transparent and visible down to the data flow level. In just a few days, you will know exactly what is in your business-critical applications, what is no longer needed, and what is worth moving to the target environment.

Graphic Software Assessment
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The assessment provides recommendations for action.

  • Ad hoc cleanup potentials (e.g. dead code, obsolete modules, security copies, etc.)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the system including quality analyses based on standard software metrics
  • Estimated effort for new developments per cluster / application area
  • Quick-win potentials
  • Quantity structures, dependencies
  • Technological legacy and conditions
    •     that currently make care and maintenance more expensive
    •     that make transformation difficult
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Establish transparency and create a basis for decision-making.

  • Code analysis of all sources
  • Interface analysis through clustering
  • Complexity measurement using rules, metrics and structure metrics
  • Customizable, automatically generated technical documentation
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