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Mastering legacy transformation: coaching as a key discipline for consistent success.

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An extended coaching offering that combines specialist and field expertise in legacy transformation with proven processes and methods from classic coaching.

Legacy transformation is a difficult undertaking in which many projects - after years of effort - have already hit the wall. Managers and implementers alike resign themselves to the fact that the hamster wheel is spinning faster and faster while no real progress is being made. Young talent is put off and experienced experts do not feel valued when IBM Power i or IBM Z (mainframe) systems that have been successful for years are to be replaced with simplistic approaches. The complexity of the task and the mixture of opinions frustrates many a manager.

This limits the ability of IT and specialist departments to act and represents a high risk for the company as a whole. But there is a remedy! Find out how specialised coaching techniques can help you to successfully transform your IBM Power i (AS400) or IBM Z (mainframe) legacy applications.

In this white paper you will learn:

The importance of the right interplay between people, strategy and technology for successful legacy transformation projects

Knowing how: combining specialist and field expertise for legacy transformation with proven processes and methods from classic coaching

Analysis results and success factors revealed by the current Lünendonk study "Application modernization and cloud transformation"

PKS experience and references that you can make use of

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Legacy transformation is becoming increasingly demanding as it has to meet several conflicting requirements at the same time. Without professional support, this challenge often seems unsolvable - like squaring the circle. With the specialized coaches from PKS, however, the transformation does not get stuck at pretty PowerPoint charts, but becomes concretely feasible and successfully implementable.

Heidi Schmidt Managing Director (CEO)PKS Software GmbH

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Coverage of special technical features through variable parser technology

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Triple added value through technical, professional and qualitative analysis

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