eXplain Train the Boss. Finally, an end to the legacy dilemma!

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No more „That‘s not possible, we‘ll do it later, it‘s far too time-consuming“

In your role as an IT manager, you experience this dilemma on a daily basis: whether at the conferences of leading technology providers or the strategy congresses of management consultants - you hear everywhere what enormous benefits modern, cloud-based application platforms can bring to the business. And that legacy systems from the last century no longer play a role. But the corporate reality is different: Here you hear the repeated chain of arguments internally: "It's not possible for us - we'll do it later - it would be far too costly for us". And the mountain of technical debt is growing day by day.

To the board of directors, you promise the vision of modern IT—yet with the internal team, you are stuck in the mire of legacy systems. The situation is becoming dangerously critical, even for you personally. How can you make the right decisions without being slowed down by your knowledgeable team? How do you gain the necessary detailed knowledge? The answers to these questions are provided by eXplain—the iterative concept for more transparency, competence, and consistency in your legacy transformation.

In this white paper you will learn:

How decision-makers are trained to familiarise themselves with and evaluate different transformation options

How to communicate convincingly with technicians and the specialist side and inspire people

How to gain transparency and control with code analysis and secure decisions based on facts

The 5 steps on which the method is based and what is important in each case

Before we started the coaching process with PKS, I was struggling internally to convince all stakeholders of our real challenges with the legacy applications and their transformation. With the help of an individual "Train the Boss" workshop, we not only managed to create a constructive dialogue between all those involved within just one day, but above all I was able to strengthen my position in the company, identify viable paths and successfully implement them with a team that was completely behind the solution. successfully with a team that was completely behind the solution. This took me a big step forward in my career, because just three months later I was given the task of programme management for the introduction of a new warehouse.

Head of application architecture for a logistics group

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Coverage of special technical features through variable parser technology

Up to 40%

Reduction of obsolete source code through intelligent detection of dead code

<12 months

ROI achieved within the first year of use


Triple added value through technical, professional and qualitative analysis

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