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Release the Beast -
Unleash your IBM i (AS400)

IBM i fans, like their critics, are often trapped in a "cage of internal perception" that feigns apparent realities but ignores the realities both inside and outside the IBM i world.

What is clear: IBM Power i (AS400) systems are powerful, adaptable and secure. But the supposed stability leads to missing the change in the IT world and to postponing necessary modernization measures for a dangerously long time. It is therefore urgently time to free oneself from entrenched beliefs such as "never change a running system" or "the youth will get used to green-black" and to adopt a new perspective. With the Release the Beast strategy we give you new ways of thinking to realize the best possible future for your IBM i (AS400) applications.

Let the facts speak for themselves instead of wishful thinking.
We draw on a wealth of experience:

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Modernization with a focus on reality.

Even experienced experts often manifest "false truths" about the platform and working with its applications and users.

We help you to see reality clearly and thus put your IBM i (AS400) landscape into perspective. We uncover how good your applications really are and identify the strategic potential.



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No matter where the journey takes you: We implement and get you to your destination.

Our experienced IBM i (AS400) experts modernize your applications on the IBM i (AS400) platform using state-of-the-art methods or successfully implement the migration to standard solutions such as SAP. We are also happy to provide you with strategic advice as part of software assessments - so that you can make well-founded decisions.

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iOpen - the sustainable modernization strategy

The key to the future of your in-house developed IBM i (AS400) applications is the next generation. As long as enough capable and motivated developers and users enrich your team, your entire business will survive.

But for several years now, the situation on the personnel market has been coming to a head. You need to be both efficient and attractive, both internally and externally. Lean processes reduce the need for personnel in the IT and business departments. Common technologies and an appearance that makes it easier to work (in) increase the motivation to decide to work in YOUR company and to stay with it.

Companies that don't take action face the threat of replacement, outsourcing, loss of control.

Take action now and create an environment that leverages and enhances all the possibilities of your business for both applicants and existing colleagues.

Unleash the true IBM i (AS400) potential:

Control through competence

You retain autonomy over what happens while promoting further development. As a result, you secure valuable benefits for your entire company.

Safety through transparency

Step by step, you reduce your dependency on outdated technologies and legacy know-how.

Better teaming through flexibility

By expanding your know-how and implementing new ideas, you become more attractive to new employees and offer new perspectives to your existing team.

Only the best for you

You can deploy the best possible solution for all aspects of your development - whether from inventory or from the broad selection on the market.

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Your contact persons around the topic
IBM i (AS/400) modernization:


Roland Müller
Head of IBM i Software Solutions Süd
+49 (0) 751 56140 245
[email protected]

Ann-Kathrin Stückl
 UI/UX Consultant
+49 (0) 751 56140 272
[email protected]

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